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Distribution functions of the transparency coefficient of the atmosphere in the observation of optical pulses from space


V.P. Busygin - Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Principle Research, 12 CRI Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (Sergiev Posad, Moscow region)
O.I. Kovalevskaya - Junior Research Scientist, 12 CRI Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (Sergiev Posad, Moscow region)
I.Ju. Kuzmina - Team Leader, the JSC «RPC «PSI» (Moscow)
A.E. Chernenko - Junior Research Scientist, 12 CRI Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (Sergiev Posad, Moscow region)

At present, there is an actual problem of detection from spacecraft the optical radiation of pulsed sources of natural or anthropogenic origin. The form and amplitude of the detected optical pulses depends on many parameters of atmosphere and underlying surface. If the source is located near the earth's surface, beneath the cloud layer, the main influence on the extinction of the initial optical pulse is exerted by the optical depth of the clouds, which in turn depends on their geometric thickness and liquid-water content. In connection with the above, for real conditions of specific geographical points, taking into account their seasonal and climatic features, statistical atmospheric models are being developed, which can be generalized by zoning to large enough areas. The models are based on differential laws of the frequency of meteorological elements and their complexes, obtained as a result of the initial processing of the data of aircraft sounding of atmosphere and clouds during almost a ten-year period in 32 points of the territory of the former USSR. The distribution functions of optical depth and transparency coefficient of the atmosphere for vertical and inclined paths are calculated. The obtained distribution functions can be used to estimate the probability of detecting radiation and to select the sensitivity threshold of optical space equipment.

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