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The algorithm of digital coherent demodulation of the signal with quadrature amplitude manipulation and its characteristics


E.S. Gerasimenko – Post-graduate Student, Department of Infocommunication Systems and Technologies, Voronezh Institute of Ministry of Interior of RF
A.N. Glushkov – Ph. D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Department of Infocommunication Systems and Technologies, Voronezh Institute of Ministry of Interior of RF
V.M. Chernenky – Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Head of Department «Information Processing and Control Systems», Bauman Moscow State Technical University

The article deals with the problem of signals processing and creation of interference immune communication. Resistance to various types of distortions, increased performance and increased noise immunity are the important tasks to be achieved by the developers of the equipment for signals reception and transmission. The paperrepresents the block diagram and the operation principle of the proposed upgraded algorithm for coherent demodulation of signals with quadrature amplitude manipulation and outlines its advantages and disadvantages in relation to other well-known algorithms. The signals with multi-positional quadrature amplitude manipulation provide high-speed data transfer, but also require substantial working relationship signal/noise and synchronization with a precision phase reference of an oscillator-demodulator with a receiving signal. A statistical simulation of the demodulation algorithm of the signal with sixteen-positional quadrature amplitude manipulation is carried out. The authors used two independent two-bit (four-positional) codes for modulating signals from the inphase and quadrature channels with the values −3, −1, 1 and 3, if the amplitude distance equals 2. The carrier frequency is 10 MHz, the duration of the symbol is 64. Comparing the obtained calculation and simulation results of the proposed device with the other ones, it can be concluded that the demodulator of signals with quadrature amplitude manipulation is very sensitive to the impact of the bandlimitedness receiving path and instability of the system of phase synchronization, especially if there is a large number of a signal positions. To create an interference immune communication, it is possible to use the developed algorithms and the corresponding devices with coherent digital demodulation of signals with quadrature amplitude manipulation. The proposed device, the results of calculations and modeling can be used in the design and development of the modern devices of digital radio.

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