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Conceptual foundations of perspective semiotic monitoring system construction


A.Yu. Novikov – Ph. D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Cherepovets Higher Military Engineering School of Radio Electronics

The development of new information technologies and the growth of computer users have brought to existence a lot of original practical problems connected with automated and even automatic processing of speech and text data flows. These problems include business intelligence and benchmarking, monitoring of specific areas in applied domains, remote education technologies, detection and elimination of speech defects and psychological closely related to ontology patterns and others.
The solution of these problems requires building up powerful automated (automatic) systems that use semantics and are based on the knowledge as of the surrounding world, as of the practical applied domains. The existing approaches for building up such systems most often do not take into account the semantic interpretation during texts processing making it impossible to get the required accuracy of the decisions taken.
The modeling approach is based on the idea of multilevel intensional description of an applied area, and thus on procedures of internal processing of pre-formalized information text content, that allows to account for semantic consistency of text fragments with subsequent context formation.

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