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Research of the monopulse direction finding amplitude-phase method of the radio-frequency source


A.V. Klishin – Junior Research Scientist, Military Academy of Signals named after Marshal of the Soviet Union S.M. Budyonny (St. Petesburg)
M.V. Klestova – Post-graduate Student, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University
D.V. Tsarik – Research Scientist, LTD «Special Technological Center» (St. Petersburg)

Algorithm and mathematical model of direction finding amplitude-phase method with using noise generator for reception paths elimi-nating nonidentity in monolulse direction finding task is suggested. Capabilities estimation of using noise generator for reception paths calibration is appraised.
The initial data is pulse chips from some mutually spaced radio sources. They are registered by digital multichannel receiver with
antenna array with antenna elements on the circle.
In this algorithm we should do the following procedures:
1. The spatial amplitude distribution function finding.
2. The spatial phase distribution function finding with using noise generator for reception paths calibration.
3. Direction finding through the peak of the total spatial amplitude and phase distribution function.
Algorithm on a software model written in the MATLAB, using real signal records has been researched.
The results of full-scale experiment carried out by experimental direction finder with 8 receiving antennas located in regular octagon tops which adjacent antenna pattern intersects minus 3 dB level are in this article.

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May 29, 2020

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