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Determinating method of interframe codecs usefulness to UAVs videostream


K.R. Mudrak – Head of Department, LTD «Special Technological Center» (St. Petesburg)

Modern videocodecs implements interframe coding, to eliminate timing redundancy. It is basic principle, and it is suited well to broadcasting TV. However, when one try to use this type of codec to videostream that is creating at UAVs optical payload few things might not get well. Block of picture in previous frame can find no optimal place in new frame, because all picture is shifted, rotated and projected in time between frames. Therefore, designer of video equipment should consider taking calculations of how much video frames per second would be adequate for this type of UAV and particular coding technique. This paper formalize calculation
algorithm of amount of new data in consequent frames as functions of UAVs physical model and cameras framerate.

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May 29, 2020

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