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New solid-state electronics based on THz splitting and strain of LPE SiGaAsSi crystals energy band gap (Part 1)


A.I. Gordeev – Deputy Director of LLC «Intelsob» (Ulyanovsk)
V.E. Voitovich – Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Head of AS «Clifton Electronics» (Tartu, Republic of Estonia)
A.V. Zvonarev – Leading Specialist, LLC «Intelsob» (Ulyanovsk)

The paper presents the new physical principles of electromagnetic energy generation, amplification, modulation and transport in i - SiGaAsSi single crystals on the basis of:
multizone conduction theory;
electron - phonon polaroid conductivity.
Part 1 of the paper describes in detail the energy gap splitting effect in i - SiGaAsSi crystals, shows the crystal energy band diagrams with high density of amphoteric hydrogen-like band gap states, which are energetically symmetrical relative to GaAs own electro-chemical potential, and offers the changes into the classic law of mass action and other «non-classic» additions to the band theory.
The second part of the paper includes information regarding new possibilities for implementation of THz electronics on the basis of the domain – phonon polaroids in i - SiGaAsSi single crystals for such applications as a new generation of mobile communications, submillimeter navigation, APPA (active phase antenna array) / Digital APPA, telemetry and a new generation of digital and digital-analog systems.
The paper will deploy the unique possibilities of thermovoltaics («heat pump») and the new generation of uncooled IR – devices based on heterosystems with i - SiGaAsSi - layer for new solutions in such areas as night vision / thermal vision, different gadgets, quantum medicine, new banking, anti-terrorism, intelligent logistics etc.
The newly proposed solid – state electronics acquires special significance in the context of the transition to digital economy.

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June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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