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Phase-temperature performances of optical fibers and cables while distributing reference radio signals over optical fiber link


T.N. Bakhvalova – Research Engineer, Moscow Technological University (MIREA)
M.E. Belkin – Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Director of STC, Moscow Technological University (MIREA)
A.A. Emelyanov – Design Engineer of the 2nd category, JSC «Kaluga Scientific Research Radio Engineering Institute»
N.V. Toporkov – Ph. D. (Eng.), Head of Department, JSC «Kaluga Scientific Research Radio Engineering Institute»
V.A. Masnoy – Ph. D. (Eng.), Main Specialist, JSC «KRET»

The current stage of microwave-band radio-electronic systems worldwide development is characterized by the widespread implemen-tation of photonics and microwave photonics technologies. In recent years, a special attention of Russian developers of radio frequency (RF) equipment has been given to the issue of phase-stable distribution of analog RF signals over the fiber-optic transmission link. Actual tasks in this direction are the distribution of reference RF signals over the phased array antenna, also the use of an analogue fiber-optic link to create a centralized onboard synchro-network within the aircraft. The common features of such networks are a relatively short length, which is 100−150 m in the case of a phased array antenna and even shorter (20−40 m) in the on-board synchro-network, as well as in stringent requirements for phase difference errors in operating conditions. The latter feature leads to the need to ensure a high long-term and short-term phase stabilities of distributed RF signals. The influence of temperature on the phase instability of RF signals transmitted over optical fiber has been the subject of analysis for many years, both foreign, and domestic researchers. Nevertheless, in the literature there are no results of a specific comparison with respect to the temperature sensitivity of the optical fibers and cables produced by modern industry, which are necessary for the design of the above-mentioned fiber-optic networks for the distribution of the reference RF signals. In this paper, to continue the study of phase distortions in such networks, the phase-temperature characteristics of 5 optical fibers and cables widely used in the modern telecommunications industry when transmitting harmonic signals with frequencies of 2.5 and 7.5 GHz on optical carrier, are measured and discussed. The measurements were carried out in the spectral C band (1530−1570 nm), which are used mainly for the development of microwave photonics-based radio-electronic systems. The results of measurements are compared with each other and with calculated data.

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