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Algorithm trajectory tracking of air targets based on the extended Kalman filter


N.R. Khalimov – Ph. D. (Eng.), Dr. Sc. Candidate, Associate Professor of Department, MESC «Zhukovsky–Gagarin Air Force Academy» (Voronezh)

A tracking filter has been synthesized for trajectory tracking of air targets, which makes it possible to estimate the angles of course and inclination of the trajectory and on the basis of the theory of the extended Kalman filter.
A study of the efficiency of the synthesized filter based on simulation modeling was performed and their main results. The main regu-larities of the filter operation are revealed when tracking an air target alone a rectilinear trajectory and during its maneuvers. So standart deviation of the estimation of the angles of course and slope, obtained by the Monte-Carlo method, when accompanied by a non-maneuvering target not worse 10 and 12 degrees that is better in 2−2,5 times in comparison with indirect definition of the given angles received on the basis of traditional filters of typical radars. The main parameters of the filter for its effective functioning are determined by the criterion of accuracy and stability.

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June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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