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Damaged intervertebral discs diagnostics method based on electrical-impedance measurement method


A.A. Blinow - Assistant, Department of Medical-Technical Information Technologies (BMT-2), Bauman Moscow State Technical University
S.I. Shchukin - Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Head of Department of Medical-Technical Information Technologies (BMT-2), Bauman Moscow State Technical University
V.I. Petrov - Deputy Director of the Institute of Biomedical Engineering of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University

The existing methods of diagnosing the spinal column are either of low efficacy or of low accessibility to the population, on the basis of this, it is necessary to suggest other methods for examining the condition of the spinal column. The electric impedance method allows to determine the blood supply to the muscles in the area of the damaged intervertebral disc caused by the redistribution of physical loads from the disk to the muscles of the patient. The paper considers a method of measuring the pulse impedance of muscle tissue in the region of the affected disc. The results of modeling and experimental studies are presented. Optimal assembly for diagnosing the state of intervertebral discs was chosen.

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