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Method of determinig the location of radio emission sources as a way of solving problems of coordinate measurement and trajectory of coordinate free support of UAV


А.V. Ivanov – Scientific-Pedagogical Worker, LLC «SPC «New Technologies of Telecommunications» (St. Petesburg)
S.S. Staritsin – Scientific-Pedagogical Worker, Military Space Academy of A.F. Mozhayskiy (St. Petesburg)
A.A. Alexeenko – Scientific-Pedagogical Worker, Cherepovets Higher Military Engineering School of Radio Electronics

Nowadays spreading of small-class unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) reached such a level where they are used not only by different organizations but also by private users for particular purposes. From the air control point of view the tasks of search, discovery, coor-dinate measurement and trajectory free support of small-class UAVs are difficult. It is connected with the fact that regarded vehicles have some particular features that make it impossible to fulfill stated tasks with usual radar means.
Regardless of UAV class, certain communication means of navigation and telemetering measurement are used for onboard control and space orientation. Even by low efficiency of radar UAV radio propagation devices these means create conditions for trajectory free support of a UAV in passive mode with the help of existing methods of positioning.
This article proves the choice of range-difference method for positioning under stated tasks. Moreover, the possibility of realization and efficiency of range-difference method are justified by a pilot experiment.

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