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Single-position location of group of moving radiation sources with provision for priory information about finishing waypoints


Yu.G. Bulychev – Honored Scientist of RF, Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Head of Laboratory, JSC «VNII «Gradient» (Rostov-on-Don)
S.S. Ivakina – Part-programming Engineer , JSC «VNII «Gradient» (Rostov-on-Don)
I.G. Nasenkov – Ph. D. (Eng.), General Director of JSC «Technodynamica» (Moscow)

Single-position passive location time-invariant or mobile system enables to solve the problems of location of single radiating source (RS) not only fixed but also with partially known trajectory parameters at the present time. Diversiform target motion models (from straight-line uniform motion to generalized polynomial and stochastic motion) are used in the process and received signal levels and bearings are considered as instrument parameters. All these models are required in practice and are determined by passive location problem solution statements as well as requirements on quality of its solution.
The problem of simultaneous tracking of RS group, which motion is described by corresponding generalized polynom, on the basis of surveillance that is realized by single-position passive location time-invariant system (SPLTS) registering quadrant (elevation) and azimuth angles, is solved having applied method of pseudo measurements in the present paper. Point data of tracked RS possible waypoints are used as prior data herewith times of RS impact to finishing waypoints believe to be unknown that drastically sophisticates current problem of RS group generalized identification. It is necessary to make an estimate of parameters of RS group polynomial motion models and to determine finishing waypoint number and flight-in time to this point for every of RS on the basis of forecast results corresponding to phase, for which absence of direction-finding measurements is characteristic, for this problem solution.
Involved method use is especially up-to-date in actual time situations when minimum computational costs are required. Among other things, developed method is reasonable to apply in RS maneuver segment when polynomial motion model is used instead of dynamic.

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