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The programm of calculation and optimization of the interaction space parameters for twto


P.D. Shalaev – Ph. D. (Eng.), JSC «SPE «Almaz» (Saratov)
Yu.N. Scherbakov – Ph. D. (Phys.-Math.), JSC «SPE «Almaz» (Saratov)

Computing programs that strictly take into account the three-dimensional nature of physical processes in the interaction space require the formation of complex and voluminous input data as well as a significant expenditure of computer resources. A long time for performing calculations, especially when optimizing for several parameters, hinders the speed of analysis of TWTO structures at the stage of technical design. For these purposes, in most cases it is advisable to use simpler computing programs.
A program for calculating the interaction space of TWTO TWT is designed for operational investigation of various design options and for carrying out TWTO design. The program allows in a nonlinear one-dimensional statement to simulate the operation of the TWT in a single-signal mode with allowance for the second harmonic. The expansion of the electron beam due to the deceleration of electrons due to interaction with the electromagnetic wave is taken into account. For the current value of the spiral pitch, a spline approximation of the electrodynamic parameters is applied. The electrodynamics parameters can be set either manually or by importing them from the FENIX-ED or HFSS programs. It is possible to assign up to five sites with different electrodynamic parameter sets. It is possible to specify in the graphic editor either the law of the pitch of the spiral or the law of variation of the phase difference between the wave and the first harmonic of the grouped beam current along the length of the device. In the second case, the spiral steps are synthesized automatically.
It is possible to automatically optimize the value of the first harmonic of the output signal by the value of the input signal and the value of the voltage of the AC both separately and together. Calculation of the technical efficiency is based on an analysis of the electron velocity spectrum at the exit from the ES for a given number of recovery steps (for an «ideal» n steps collector). The program allows you to obtain graphs of the change in the length of the interaction space from 1 to 18 parameters, including the slope of the amplitude-phase transformations and the phase sensitivity to the voltage of the ES and the current of the electron beam, which is especially important for amplifiers operating in information transmission systems.
With the help of the FENIX software package including the program presented here, a number of TWTOs with high efficiency have been designed for use in repeater amplifiers of communication satellites. Data are presented on the results of calculations and tests of the prototype TWTO X band with one gap between the middle and the output sections. Good agreement between calculation results and experimental studies was obtained.

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