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Research of the effect of transcranial electromagnetic stimulation of the brain on increasing the mental operability of a person


S.K. Sharifov – Vice President on Innovation of the Science and Production Company “SPC BIOMEDIS”
I.V. Stepanian – Dr. Sc. (Biol.), Ph.D. (Eng.), Leading Research Scientist, Labor Medicine Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Laboratory of biodynamics, Institute for Machine Science named by A.A. Blagonravov of the RAS, Moscow State Сonservatory named by P.I. Chaikovsky (Moscow)
A.V. Savelyev – Ph.D. (Philos.), Senior Research Scientist, Director of the Patent agency «©Uniquely honest patenting»

The purpose of the study was to investigate the effect of transcranial electromagnetic stimulation (TEMS) performed by the Bio-medis Trinity devices developed by the research and production company BIOMEDIS on objective EEG indices for the purpose of assessing the normalization of the functional state of the organism and the intellectual working capacity of a human being.
The article reports on the results of electrophysiological studies carried out by the research and production company SPC BIOMEDIS on obtaining objective indicators of the effect of electromagnetic radiation from transcranial electromagnetic “Biomedis Trinity” seriesstimulators developed and manufactured by SPC BIOMEDIS. Stable correlates of changes in the func-tional state of subjects, expressed in a persistent increase in alpha rhythm, are found.
As a result of the action, activation of the occipital regions of the brain takes place which indicates an increase in attention, improvement of short-term memory, ability to perform spatially-orientated tasks which, in turn, improves intellectual performance.
This work was financially supported by RHSF in grant № 15-03-00519а «Post-non-classic paradigm of artificial intellect» in part.

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