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Model of formation of the generator of the pattern of activity


V.V. Andrianov – Ph.D.(Biol.), Senior Research Scientist, Kazan Federal University (Kazan), Zavoisky Physical-Technical Institute (Kazan)
Kh.L. Gainutdinov – Dr. Sc. (Biol.), Senior Research Scientist, Kazan Federal University (Kazan), Zavoisky Physical-Technical Institute (Kazan)
I.A. Lavrov – Ph.D. (Biol.), Leading Research Scientist, Kazan Federal University (Kazan)

On the basis of the original software the variants of the neural structures configurations have been tested. These networks provide plasticity on the level of conditioning the signals coming from the neural blocks of different functions, which allows the implementation of the principle of Hebbian plasticity. It was found a principal architecture of dynamic stochastic artificial neural network, which provides facilitation of the execution of the motor program. It was shown forming of the pattern generator of muscle activity with the activity profile of the single muscle of any specified waveform. The interconnections between the elements, which lead to the sequential activation of elements during the formation of the motor activity patterns present in proposed model. These interconnections allow for explaining the modulation polysynaptic responses observed in the electrophysiological experiments after applying of frequency stimulation. The described scheme also explains the necessity of optimal sensory input in restoring pre-existing motor programs, including motor programs after injuries, as well as the necessity of the additional activation or loading for improving of the motor response.
The work is performed according to the Russian Government Program of Competitive Growth of Kazan Federal University and supported by RFBR (grant No. 15-44-02697).

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