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The Neurosupercomputer Paradigm


A.V. Savelyev – Ph.D. (Philos.), Senior Research Scientist, Director of the Patent agency «©Uniquely honest patenting», Scientific coordinator of the permanent seminar «Neyrophylosophy» of the Moscow State University by M.V. Lomonosov, Scientific coordinator of the permanent seminar «Knowledge Management» of the Government administration department» of the Moscow State University by M.V. Lomonosov (Moscow)

The author presents the results of many years of research into the construction of the detailed multidimensional model of neuronal exocytosis. It is shown that the hyper-complexity is determined by hyper-network construction of the logic of processes. It allows us to talk about their simulating as the neurosupercomputer paradigm of neurocomputations. The author presents patented developments of non-mathematical multiprocessor elements of neurosupercomputers was based on simulating of various sides of exocytosis of neurons.
The transition to a new neurosupercomputer paradigm for the construction of neurocomputing systems assumes a de-tailed study and modeling of the features of the mechanisms of the functioning of the biological nervous tissue. This involves the reproduction not only of parallel or superparallel processing of information, but also the development of fundamentally new approaches to its processing, the source of which can become a full-scale object successfully. But it requires careful study, not abstraction and complete isolation from it, as McCulloch and Pitts did, and, despite the 70-year history of the movement in this direction, now more than ever, it becomes clear that this is sooner or later still need to do it. The paper contains a meaningful description of the enormous complexity of the processes associated with exocytosis, at the same time it becomes clear that for modeling on conventional computers, a mathematical-geometric description of these complex processes, which are also hyper-complex, is necessary. Another way, shown by us, is the creation of specialized non-mathematical neuroprocessors, which can be considered as neurosupercomputers because of their work with the hyper-compexity of real neural networks.
We have shown that there are many sources of dynamic variations in exocytosis of neural synapses, and the degree of their differences is significant and essential for describing the work of the neuron as a whole. This difference in the dynamic properties of exocytosis causes the construction of modeling systems as neurosupercomputer. These properties of real neurons contribute not only to parallelization or superparallelization of information processing, but also to the development of other, qualitatively new ways of processing it, implemented on neurosupercomputers.
This work was financially supported by RHSF in grant № 15-03-00519а «Post-non-classic paradigm of artificial intellect».

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