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Influence of parameters of annealing of the organic silicon coverings besieged from the fissile gas phase on their morphology and molecular structure


M.A. Yarmolenko - Ph.D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Leading Research Scientist, International Chinese-Belarusian Scientific Laboratory by Vacuum-Plasma Technologies, Francisk Skorina Gomel State University, Belarus

The features of electron-beam dispersion of oligomethylphenylsiloxane, the molecular structure and properties of deposited and annealed coatings are determined. It is shown that the kinetics of coating deposition is largely determined by the destruction processes, detach-ment of the phenyl groups and the formation of cross-linked Si-O structures as a result. The noted processes take place in the target. In comparison with thermal degradation, the treatment of the resin by electron flux causes more intensive destruction of
Si-CH3 bonds in comparison with the detachment of phenyl-radicals. The consequence of these processes is a significant difference in the molecular structure and morphology of coatings deposited by used pretreated and untreated electron targets.

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