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Semi-markov model of operation of the devices of the gas analysis for special purposes


O.A. Kanischev – Deputy Head of Designing Department №78, SUE «SPA Analitpribor» (Smolensk)
V.I. Mishchenko – Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Department of Logistical Support, Vasilevsky Military Academy of Air Defense Forces RF (Smolensk)
I.V. Yakimenko – Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Department of Electronics and Microprocessor Engineering, Smolensk branch of «National Research University «MPEI»

Measuring gas analytical systems (MGAS) used to ensure industrial safety requirements for the operation of a hazardous production facility, environmental monitoring, ensuring safe conditions and labor protection, and technological control. MGAS, used in the field of state defense and security (MGAS of special purpose – MGAS-SP), are characterized by increased requirements for reliability and lon-gevity compared to general industrial MGAS. An example of IGSSN can serve as a control system for the content of amyl and heptyl vapor in the storage and use of these substances. Given the increased requirements for reliability and longevity of MGAS-SP, as well as the complexity of the structure of the MGAS-SP itself, the development of recommendations for improving the MGAS-SP system of opera-tion is a complex scientific task.
The solution of this task is impossible without the development of the MGAS-SP functioning model in the process of operation and its verification when both internal (internal) parameters and external conditions (factors) change. First, it is necessary to consider the in-teraction of MGAS-SP with the maintenance and repair system. At the same time, the main feature of this interaction is the elimination of faults and failures in the course of maintenance. Under the model of functioning of MGAS-SP in the course of operation it will be understood the model of expenditure of the MGAS-SP resource under the influence of external factors with its own performance indicators established (assigned).
One of the most promising directions for modeling the operation of systems of a corresponding complexity MGAS-SP is the use of the theory of semi-Markov processes (SMP). It is allows more complete, in comparison with Markov processes, to take into account the variety of probabilistic processes occurring in the interaction of a person and a technical system in the process of its operation.
Based on this model, the SMP of MGAS-SP developed which, unlike the known one, takes into account the influence of the periodicity of replacement, the level of reliability and maintainability, as well as the intensity of operation and provision of spare parts for the reliability of MGAS-SP and allows investigating the nature of this influence.

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