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Simulation of characteristics of the direction-finding three-element circular antenna array with the influence of carrier


A.S. Samodurov – Ph. D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Department of Radio Equipment Engineering and Manufacturing, Voronezh State Technical University
S.A. Antipov – Dr. Sc. (Phys.-Math.), Professor, Department of General Physics of Radio-Electronic Profile,
Voronezh State Technical University

One of the main problems encountered in the design of the mobile basing direction-finding antenna arrays is a problem of quite accurate accounting of the impact of carrier on the characteristics of the antenna array. However, the need to account and solve algebraic equations with complex unidentified of high order restricts the use of methods of integral and integro-differential equations for the correction of the experimentally measured bearing in real time. It is proposed to consider a fairly simple three-element design for a circular antenna array and analyze the impact on the DF characteristics of such array of the mobile carrier, which in this case is an unmanned aerial vehicle. The theoretical accounting of the body carrier effect on the direction finding error usually comes down to the problem of diffraction of electromagnetic waves on the conductive objects, which has been done in this paper. Based on the data obtained it can be said that almost all of the analyzed frequencies but the lowest (approximately 250 MHz and below) the absolute error of direction finding is less than 2 degrees in the absence of the carrier of the antenna array. That is the error of antenna system of this type and size is about 2 degrees and without complicating the design at low frequencies it is apparently impossible to achieve less error. By results of calculation it is possible to tell with confidence that at presence of the carrier the situation considerably changes. Errors generally begin to have a negative character, and their absolute value for the majority of the analyzed angles is greater than 2.5 degrees. Furthermore the character of error distribution varies in frequency and angles of incidence. According to the analysis we can say that the most profound effect on the characteristics of the antenna array is made by metal rods rays extending to the engines, which are in this case some counterweights or imitation of the underlying surface.

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