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To the issue of assessing the synergetic effect arising in the process of interfirm cooperation


N.A. Vetrova - Ph.D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Department «Instrumentation Technology», Bauman Moscow State Technical University E-mail:
N.Yu. Gladkov - MBA, General Director of JSC «Svetlana» (Saint-Petersburg)
E.N. Gorlacheva - Ph.D. (Econ.), Associate Professor, Bauman Moscow State Technical University
A.G. Gudkov - MBA, Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Bauman Moscow State Technical University; General Director of Hyperion Ltd. (Moscow) E-mail:
I.N. Omelchenko – Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Dr.Sc. (Econ.), Professor, Decan, Engineering Business and Management Faculty, Bauman Moscow State Technical University
O.S. Naraykin - Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Сorresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of Russia, Head of Department «Applied mechanics», Bauman Moscow State Technical University E-mail:

Analysis of strategic partnerships shows the following. Interfirm cooperation involves additional costs and strain on the personnel of part-ner companies. It causes the emergence of synergistic effects. The influence of these effects must be taken into account when carrying out the design and technological optimization of such devices, especially using nanotechnology.
As the objective function proposed to select the technology function that takes into account the probability fit products, and as arguments for technological functions to use resources, technology and intangible assets of an enterprise that will provide at bringing technological optimization interdependent choice of the underlying technologies, their parameters, and economic indicators.
According to modern research in the field of technology optimization of complex production processes (which should include the manu-facturing process of platelet incubator for example) the situation with the increased importance of creating mathematical models, taking into account various kinds of uncertainty, it is extremely difficult to stay in the framework of the formalism of traditional mathematical methods. In such situations is effective and, as a consequence, promising, the application of adaptive optimization methods based on fuzzy logic. In the framework of the formalism of fuzzy Markov chains the process optimization can be considered as the "action" opera-tor extreme regulator, which is a fuzzy module nonlinear control object, strictly technological process, technological function having an extremum. In these conditions, the problem of optimization of technological and maintaining the achieved results is to determine proba-bilities of finding the system in state group “away from extremum”, “extremum in the neighborhood” through a finite number of steps search the definition of the probability of being in this state group in steady state, calculating the average number of steps and variance getting out of the group of States in a neighborhood of the extremum.

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