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The new light sources causing the «Specific Vision Deficit» patch


G.S. Voronkov – Dr.Sc. (Biol.), Leading Research Scientist, Lomonosov Moscow State University

The paper continues to study the mysterious vision phenomenon, described earlier by the author (Voronkov, 2014, 2015) as «specific vision deficit» (SVD).
The SVD phenomenon is shown in the form of a dark patch (SVDp) which is seen by the observer in the diaphragm aper-ture in the screen against the light. The analysis of the unusual SVDp characteristics showed the importance of SVD phenomenon in various aspects – psychophysiological, neurophysiological, and medical. In addition it was discovered (2015) that SVDp is created by light sources also without diaphragm (sources without rim – SWR). This fact ruled out the basis to assume that the external factor (manifestation of the light wave properties) is in creating SVDp. This finding helped to focus on the role of the in-ternal factors (the optical device and brain сentres characteristics of the visual system) in the origin SVDp properties.
In this paper we found that the sources of light without the rim (SWR), creating SVDp (SWRp), are the bright and almost as a point (in the angular size) light sources; an additional condition for the SWR perception in the form of SWRp is the shading of the background on which they are located. The examples of these SWR are: bright point-like glare from the lights on a convex reflecting surface; the illuminated micro drops on glass; the small LEDs on the dash; large and bright, but distant light sources.
The paper describes the specific SWRs creating a clear SWRp. These SWRs can easily be found or created; they are comfortable to operate with as stimuli that cause the sensation of SWRp sight. Due to these SWRs, there were the new, pre-viously unrecorded SVDp properties and the unexpected facts connected with SVD phenomenon.
One of them is the observation rotated 180 SWRp (rSWRp). Unlike the conventional SWRp (SVDp), the dynamic inclu-sions in rSWRp move not in the direction of top-down, but bottom-up. The rSWRp occurs as due to SWR-glare on the lens points. However the «optical mechanics» of rSWRp origin remains incompletely disclosed.
The author believes that the discovery of a new stimulus type – SWR, inducing SVDp (SWRp), – open up a new world of technical and analytical capabilities in the SVD phenomenon study in all its significant aspects – neurophysiological, psy-chophysiological and medical.

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June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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