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Electrical conductivity and dilatometric characteristics of phosphorites


V.I. Bobkov – Ph.D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Smolensk Branch of the National Research University Moscow Power Engineering Institute
M.N. Mishenko – Ph.D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Smolensk Branch of the National Research University Moscow Power Engineering Institute

The study of the electrical conductivity and thermal deformations of phosphorites and phosphate-siliceous varieties is part of the general problem of studying the technological properties of raw materials of the phosphorous industry, with a view to its rational use. Therefore, reliable data on the electrical conductivity of phosphorites and fluxing additives are necessary for modeling and quantitative calculations of electro-thermal devices, as well as for the development of new technological schemes for the thermal treatment of phosphate raw materials.

The electrical, as known, conductivity of rocks is very sensitive to their composition and structural features, the composition of impur-ities, the perfection of contacts between rock-forming materials, physico-chemical transformations occurring upon heating. Thus, a comparatively simple and accurate method for determining the electrical conductivity can used in studies of the structure and compo-sition of ores and rocks, as well as in the study of physicochemical transformations occurring in them during heating.
An important factor that influences the choice of the most rational method of processing raw materials and determining the limits of intensification of heat transfer in industrial firing installations, the cracking of raw materials during its heating. This process, along with the peculiarities of the expansion of rock-forming minerals during heating, depends on the thermal expansion of the material as a whole.
Experimental studies of the electrical conductivity and thermal deformations of phosphorites presented, which are of great importance in the electro-thermal sublimation of yellow phosphorus. Thermal expansions at high temperatures accompanying the softening and melting of phosphate raw materials affect the gas dynamic characteristics of the upper zone of the ore-thermal furnace and, accordingly, the course of the furnace process of electrophilic yellow phosphorus, reflect the physicochemical, modification and structural transformations in the raw material when it is heated and are used in the study of these processes. A significant influence of impurities for a wide range of changes in the composition of phosphorus-containing ores and rocks on the electrical conductivity observed.

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