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Analysis of modeling errors of PAA characteristics caused by the measurement and technological errors by the «finite fragment» method


V. M. Gavrilov – Ph.D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Professor of Department of Radio Engineering and Radio Systems, Vladimir State University n.a. A.G. and N.G. Stoletov D. S. Smirnov – Under-graduate Student, Vladimir State University n.a. A.G. and N.G. Stoletov; Engineer, FGUP “GNPP “Krona” (Vladimir) E-mail:

For arrays of plane-parallel waveguides with various configurations, analysis of the simulation errors of the characteristics of phased array arrays (PAA) by the \"finite fragment\" method due to the measurement and technological errors is performed. The presented results allow us to make the following conclusion. Using the \"finite fragment\" method, it is possible to reconstruct the dependence of the {Γ(ψ)} for the multiple-element PAA with the error due to the error of the MCC matrix measurement: 0,05 in modulus and 14º in phase – for simple antenna arrays with a 10-element fragment; 0,06...0,09 in modulus and 12º...16º in phase – for arrays with dielectric elements with a 50-element fragment. In the case of a MCC matrix error due to the random displacement of the radiators within the fragment, the error in the recovered dependence of the {Γ(ψ)} multiple-element phased array reaches 0,039 in magnitude and 16,5º in phase with the maximum displacement of the emitters of 0,06λ on the 10-element fragment of the antenna array with simple configuration. For a phased array with dielectric elements, the maximum error in the dependence {Γ(ψ)} is 0,048...0,055 in absolute value and 8,2º...11,5º in phase with the maximum displacement of the radiators on the 50-element fragment 0,04...0,06λ.


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May 29, 2020

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