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Data updating in the MOODLE environment in the remote access mode for a distance laboratory workshop LabVIEW – Multisim


R.S. Zagidullin - Ph.D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Department of Radio-Electronic Systems and Devices, Bauman Moscow State Technical University E-mail: A.S. Chernikov - Ph.D. (Eng.), Dean of the Faculty of International Educational Programs, Head of Educational&Research Laboratory of Computer Information Systems and Technologies, Bauman Moscow State Technical University E-mail:

With all the well-known advantages and disadvantages of distance learning it is becoming more widespread both abroad and in the Rus-sian Federation. Online learning technologies allow to individualize the curricula, facilitate virtual academic mobility and are sufficiently well mastered for humanitarian training. At the same time, the preparation of specialists of the engineering profile in the online mode still encounters considerable difficulties as the training process must include a full-scale experiment or laboratory works on different equip-ment, the modeling of systems and devices operation. This requires not only additional hardware and software resources but also the creation of special methods and software shells for the organization of the laboratory workshop and control of the students’ progress. In this paper we have studied the three environments involved in the educational process: The environment where a laboratory workshop is conducted – LabVIEW; The working environment of a teacher – MOODLE; The environment for the administrative support and control of the educational process – Electronic University. The paper considers the issues of updating data of the university administrative control system Electronic University on student groups that can be conducted in the MOODLE and LabVIEW environments. This data can be used for organizing and conducting both a distance laboratory workshop and a local one. We have also resolved the issue of converting data file formats to the CSV format. Interactive interfaces have been developed for the environments LabVIEW (software-based) and MS Office (using macros), which allow to automatically create lists of student groups , link the groups to a specific discipline and teacher, set statuses and rights of the users of a distance laboratory workshop. The teacher can choose the most convenient variant of working with the group lists. For the system users the following statuses have been defined: student, teacher, teacher without the right to edit. For working in the remote access mode each user is assigned, apart from the login, also the access code to enter the automated laboratory workshop. The developed software products allow to significantly reduce the amount of routine work of the teacher related to the organization of the educational process and to create convenient conditions for the work of the teacher and student. As an additional service, all the va-riants of communication between the users and the environment are incorporated into a complex formed on a DVD with the automatic start. It contains a program for the creation of all necessary files, reference information and the ability to simplify the access to the Elec-tronic University and MOODLE. The used system operating principles, including single data entry, have made it possible to exclude the unreliability of the provided in-formation and errors that occur as a result of manual duplication of information.



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