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Models of urgent computing for control of transport and social catastrophe on the base neural dynamic system and formalizm of complex network


Yu.I. Nechaev – Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Honored Scientist of RF, Academician of RANS, Leading Research Scientist, the main scientific employee of scientific research Institute of the high technology computer technologies of the St.-Petersburg National Research University Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics. International expert in the field of high-performance computing and intelligence systems P.M.A. Sloot – Dr., Professor, University of Amsterdam (Nederland)

The problem of urgent computing is discussed at the control transport and social catastrophe on the basis of a formalism of complex networks. Complex networks contain a considerable quantity of elements and have difficult structure. It provides efficiency of the likelihood approach to a network as sets of microconditions. Advantage of such approach is possibility of the description of a situation within the limits of a uniform formalism for various classes of models of complex networks, including casual columns, models of the latent variables and their generalization. The conceptual model of the control of dynamics of transport and social systems on the basis of virtual laboratory (VL) emergency calculations is considered. VL functions as the distributed environment of support of decision-making. For the description of environment classes of the distributed resources used in the course of VL functioning are entered. The complex structure represents the problem-focused environment for designing and functioning of early warning systems. Model interpretation is carried out in frameworks cloudy technology and Grid-systems. The developed of cloudy models are provided with a uniform information field of placing of data. Thus all functional elements are transferred inside clouds and hidden in interfaces of accessible services. The complex of intellectual technologies for management of computing processes in mode UC includes models of interactive composit application (CA), languages of the description of CA and decision-making process, and also procedure of planning of execution of CA on non-uniform resources. Computer complex VL includes the kernel exercising administration by scenarios of execution of CA in the distributed environment of cloudy model. Functional subsystems of VL provide storage and data gathering, extraction of knowledge, decision-making support, visualization of the received results. Technology of VL allows to carry out in language Easy-Flow procedure of planning of execution at level of all WF for the distributed computing environment. The example of use of technology of emergency calculations is resulted at interpretation of social networks. In the course of modeling laws of development of a situation are revealed and the card of the most dangerous zones of the raised density is constructed.


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