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Parametric synthesis algorithms of matching by the criterion to provide stationary scillation mode of integrated four-pole devices for external and internal feedback self-excited oscillators


A.A. Golovkov - Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Military Educational-Scientific Center of air Forces of the «Military-Air Academy named after Professor N.E. Zhukovsky and Yu. A. Gagarin» (Voronezh) V.A. Golovkov - Desing Engineer, Voronezh Desing Bureau of the Antenna-Feeder Devices E-mail: vladimir. golovkov @ yandex. ru

Based on immitance stability criterion, there were defined optimal relationships between elements of classical matrix for transfer of matching by the criterion to provide stationary oscillation mode of integrated four-pole devices to be brought into the self-excited oscillator circuit between linear and non-linear elements. The resultant relationships meaning requirements to input and output conductance values of integrated four-pole devices were used to obtain optimal frequency characteristics of two-terminals within standard for-pole networks and domains of initial data to be physically realized in space (generated frequency bandwidth; load, non-linear and controlled element characteristics etc.). In this case, there were taken into account various types of external (parallel and serial by voltage and current) and internal feedback as well as various options of differential connection of two – or three-pole non-linear element and integrated four-pole device. The results of synthesis were reduced to the engineering formulas those application would considerably simplify design and development of self-excited oscillators, frequency modulators and shift-keyers as well as magneto-sensitive, heat-sensitive and other sensors that can be used for implementation of frequency-domain method for nonelectrical quantity measurement. The comparative analysis of the theoretical results obtained on the basis of use of the developed mathematical models of self-excited oscillators in the MathCad system and the experimental results received by their general-circuit simulation in the OrCad and MicroCap systems proved their satisfactory coincidence.


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