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Thin films of lanthanum-strontium magnet for generating spin current


T.A. Shayhulov - Student, Bauman Moscow State Technical University; Engineer, Kotelnikiv IRE RAS E-mail: V.A. Shahunov - Ph.D. (Eng.), Chief Research Scientist, Kotelnikov IRE RAS (Moscow) V.V. Demidov - Dr.Sc. (Phys.-Math.), Leading Research Scientist, Kotelnikov IRE RAS (Moscow) G.A. Ovsyannikov - Dr.Sc. (Phys.-Math.), Head of Laboratory, Kotelnikov IRE RAS (Moscow)

The optimization of the epitaxial growth of La 0.7 Sr 0.3 MnO 3 (LSMO) films was carried out. The transport properties and the ferromagnetic resonance line was measured. LSMO film had a width of the FMR line 200Oe, and the Curie temperature of 350K. The magnetic resonance spectra (FMR) were taken in order to assess the quality of films and the definition of effective parameter generating spin current.


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May 29, 2020

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