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About an Internet data sources reputation in the security administrator information-analytical activity


A.P. Kuznetsova – Post-graduate Student, Department of Informatics and Information Security, Vladimir State University named after A.&N. Stoletovs E-mail: G.E. Monakhova – Ph. D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Department of Information Systems and Program Engineering, Vladimir State University named after A.&N. Stoletovs E-mail: M.Yu. Monakhov – Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Head of Department of Informatics and Information Security, Vladimir State University named after A.&N. Stoletovs E-mail:

In the analysis of a specific information message, it should be taken into account the effect of the source reliability on the level of re-liability of the information supplied to them. Let us denote the reliability as the level of information source credibility. As a rule, it is a posteriori estimate obtained from the observation of the «information activities» of the source. With regard to the data sources from the Internet (Internet sources) reputation can be interpreted as a measure based on the assessment of the qualities that define the authority and objectivity of the information source for particular analytical activities. The paper considers the quantification of the level of credibility of Internet information sources in terms of «Reputation» index. This indicator has a high degree of uncertainty; in addition, there is no common method of its estimation. Statement of the problem is as follows: to choose the appropriate to the tasks set of Web data sources, to identify the most important (significant) factors affecting their reputation and ranking of Internet sources on the level of credibility. The solution is offered to be defined in the form of a sequence of actions. At the first stage, the complete list of Web data sources used by analysts regarding to a particular subject area, namely, information security. Based on the content of the analyzed Internet sources analysis, characteristics of the sites organization and operating modes, experts identify the factors influencing the level of credibility in terms of reputation. Then, the most important of them are identifying. The list of such factors for the Internet sources in information security are: «Citation», «Attendance», «Duration of the existence», «Web Trust», «Cooperation», «Presence of the site in trusted catalogs», «Absence of search engine penalties», «Checking SSL-certificate», «Partiality of the owner», «Awareness». The first four of them, according to the experts, are the most significant. At the third stage, by using the expert analysis is estimated the importance of factors with regard to the categories of Internet sources, among which are generally used official websites of government agencies, research and educational organizations, the official websites of non-governmental organizations, blogs, information portals, forums, news sites. At the fourth stage, a direct ranking of Internet sources in terms of reputation, according to their categories and significant factors affecting the reputation is carried out. The results of experimental work on the ranking of the Web data sources in security administrator analytical activity are presented.


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