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Improving the availability of regional-scale networks


Yu.M. Monakhov – Ph. D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Department of Informatics and Information Security, Vladimir State University named after A.&N. Stoletovs E-mail: S.D. Luchinkin – Undergraduate, Engineer, Department of Informatics and Information Security, Vladimir State University named after A.&N. Stoletovs E-mail:

Now there is the increased demand for high-quality telecommunication services. First, it is connected with emergence of new resource-intensive technologies and directions, such as online banking and the Internet of things. Providing only high bandwidth of the transmission is not enough. From the point of view of quality, for users it is important to have opportunity quickly to carry out tasks. With respect thereto, one of the main characteristics of functioning and provision of services within the network is availability. Ensuring necessary requirements within networks is assigned to regional providers. The existing approaches to creation of information and telecommunication networks of the regional level are not provided with evidence-based techniques and algorithms. A very limited set of factors is considered during the decision-making: territorial remoteness, equipment compatibility, environmental conditions, and static loads. Within work simulation was carried out, the subsequent expert analysis of which showed the non-optimality of the simulated network topology. Thus, for making of the optimum decision, it is ne-cessary to consider additional factors. The optimality is considered within availability, namely as the complex parameter determined by the number of values. To determine the optimality at the design level it is necessary to use mathematical models. The main characteristic influencing avail-ability is the delay (response time). In this aricle we consider the use of the queuing theory model of the closed network for determi-nation of such parameters as the average time of stay and the average quantity of packets in each node. The graph is set by the sto-chastic route matrix where each element displays probability of transition of the packet between the corresponding nodes. Each node possesses the characteristic of processing intensity depending on the average packet processing time. A pipeline represents possible statuses of each node. Process of random traversal through these statuses will be the Markov process of death and reproduction. It is necessary to consider that also the network topology influences availability, especially when using dynamic routing. The representation of the network within graph model using the adjacency matrix is provided in article. This description sufficiently simplifies calculation of different parameters, but imposes some crucial restrictions: for example, it does not allow setting more than one communication link between two nodes. To bypass this restriction we offer using quasinodes, which will be considered optionally within calculation algorithms. The analysis of the adjacency matrix will allow counting such characteristics as: average degree of connectivity, average path length, quantity of cycles. Accounting of all described characteristics during the design of information and telecommunication networks of regional scale will allow raising the general quality criteria, first of all availability, to ensure due level of which is the urgent need within ensuring operability of modern technologies.


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May 29, 2020

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