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Graphene based terahertz transistor


M.V. Davidovich – Dr.Sc. (Phys.-Math.), Professor, Saratov State University E-mail:

The topology of graphene nanoribbons or metal quantum threads transistor are proposed and the transistor with three electrodes, connected by two nanoribbons and connected by nanowire (quantum thread) with input, is considered. The principle of the transistor is based on modulating the current by the voltage on the common contact, operating as the gate. The consideration is produced in the framework of Landauer-Datta-Lundstrom approach under the assumption of availability of equilibrium on the electrodes. The resulting parameters of the linear modeling, as well as the first members of the non-linear response of current to voltage are evaluated. The nonlinear current-versus-voltage characteristics of the graphene nanoribbon at room temperature are calculated when accounting for different mechanisms of scattering. The calculations give the symmetric (without current cutoff) I-V characteristics close at positive voltages to I-V characteristics of vacuum diode at voltages up to 3 V. The parameters of the proposed model of the amplifier, in which the graphene nanoribbon can be replaced by a metal quantum threads, have been estimated.


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