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The orientation errors of the quantum device small-scale discriminator with laser pumping placed on the moving base


S.V. Ermak – Ph. D. (Phys.-Math.), Associate Professor, Department «Quantum Electronics», Institute of Physics, Nanotechnology and Telecommunications of Peter The Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University E-mail:

The UHF radio-frequency resonance integral frequency light shift dependence as a function of the laser frequency detuning is presented for the 133Cs and 87Rb atoms D1 and D2 lines optical pumping. The light shift orientation-dependent part contribution to the integral frequency light shift is demonstrated for the right-circular and left-circular D1 line optical pumping of the 133Cs atoms. The possibility of the frequency light shift orientation dependence weakening is demonstrated for the case of the linear pumping light polarization. The frequency light shift and its orientation dependence was calculated for the 0-0 resonance with D1 and D2 lines optical pumping for the atoms with Fg and Fg + 1 atom momentums, like Rb85, Rb87, Cs133, K39 and magnetic field orientation 00 and 900. The principal conclusion was the fact, that there is the difference between zero light and orientation 0-0 resonance frequencies shift for all alkali atoms and the electro-dipole junction. The laser spectral line was approximated with 10 MHz width Doppler line and 100 μW power. It was demonstrated, that it is possible to reach the UHF resonance frequency light shift and its orientation dependence zeroing simultaneously with modulation method. In conclusion, despite the 0-0 resonance frequency weak dependence from the magnetic field value, it is important to provide the constant angle between magnetic field direction and pumping light beam for quantum devices placed on the moving base. The correct choice of the quantum discriminator pumping source, design and operation mode provide minimal orientation errors.


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