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Methods of assessing the degree of threat the attacking the enemy, and determination of the fact that the missiles of such class as «surface-to-air» «air-to-air»with the IR seekers are suppressed


A.P. Popov – Ph. D. (Eng.), Research Scientist, JSC «IANS» (Moscow) E-mail: N.M. Rakcheeva – Ph. D. (Eng.), Senior Research Scientist, Research Scientist, Chief Research and Testing Centre of Robotics of RDM (Moscow) E-mail: T.R. Salakhov – Ph. D. (Eng.), Leading Engineer, JSC «SRI «Ekran» (Samara) E-mail: A.V. Sokolov – Ph. D. (Eng.), Head of Department, JSC «IANS» (Moscow) E-mail:

The way of methods of assessing the degree of threat the attacking the enemy on his kinematic sign is considered. Are provided for standard conditions of value of an angular velocity of the line of vising by information channel by an onboard complex of defense of the attacking guided missile in the uglomestny and azimuthal planes at its flight in a bespomekhovy situation and in the conditions of interfering influence. Use of criterion of the ideal observer for decision-making at assessment of the degree of threat to the attacking means of the enemy is proved. By results of a simulation modeling it is established what is possible to provide with the given proba-bilistic characteristics determination of the degree of threat to the attacking means of the enemy and the fact of failure of tracking by system of guidance of the missile in real time that does technically realized the offered way in information channel of an onboard complex of defense.


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