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Electrodynamic analysis of currents and directional diagram of the log-periodic dipole antenna


S.N. Razinkov – Dr. Sc. (Phys.-Math.), Leading Research Scientist, MESC «Zhukovsky–Gagarin Air Force Academy» (Voronezh) E-mail: A.V. Fedorov – Post-graduate Student, MESC «Zhukovsky–Gagarin Air Force Academy» (Voronezh) E-mail:

On the basis of the numerical solution of the integrated equations of Halen in approach of wire model Krylov-Bogolyubov\'s method investigated distribution of currents and the directional pattern of the log-periodic dipole antenna excited by a flat monochromatic wave. It is shown that at approximation of currents the sequences of piecewise and constant functions the strict solution of a marginal task for the antenna is by the partial address of the matrix of the generalized impedances and multiplication by a vector column of the equivalent potentials calculated in points of sampling of vibrators. Regularities of change of active area and the directed properties of the antenna in the range of lengths of waves taking into account of electromagnetic interaction between the elements are revealed. Considerable amplitudes of currents are typical for elements of resonant length. For other vibrators the effect of an automatic cut-off of currents which amplitudes don\'t exceed (1…2)% of the greatest value is observed. Narrowing of the direction characteristic of the log-periodic dipole antenna can be executed due to the increase in its period and re-duction of an angle of an aperture leading to increase the number of elements in the fissile region of the antenna.


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