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Some features of designing knowledge base in intelligence system of cancer screening


V.M. Belen’kii - Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Academy of State Fire Service of EMERCOM of Russia (Moscow) E-mail: N.V. Pashchenko - Ph.D. (Med.), Onkologist, Center Election Hronofitoterapii, Rehabilitation and Immune (Moscow)

The results of the review of the availability of projects in the field of automation of screening for oncological diseases in Russia and abroad showed that currently only begin development of computer information processing technology, obtained by screening tests. The system will allow innovative elements such as software modules that automate the processes of forming groups for further screening, monitoring the results of studies that use methods to manipulate large amounts of data, intelligent image processing algorithms, as well as methods of «suggestions» for optimal decision-making at stages of screening and treating patients. All of this will ensure that the described system of significant advantages over similar developments that will have great health, scientific and economic potential in the global marketplace.


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