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High efficiency horn antenna for arrays with hexagonal grid


Yu.V. Krivosheev – Ph. D. (Eng.), Senior Research Scientist, PJSC «Radiofizika» (Moscow); Lecturer, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University) E-mail: N.A. Rossels – Leading Engineer, PJSC «Radiofizika» (Moscow) E-mail: T.V. Cherkasova – Leading Engineer, PJSC «Radiofizika» (Moscow) E-mail: A.V. Shishlov – Ph. D. (Eng.), Head of Department, PJSC «Radiofizika» (Moscow); Deputy Head of Department of Radiophysics and Engineering Cybernetics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University) E-mail:

High aperture efficiency horn antenna for antenna arrays with hexagonal grid is proposed. The horn antenna has hexagonal aperture, which allows to fill in the array aperture without gaps. Due to optimized profile of the horn, the field distribution in its aperture is close to uniform. Using both these approaches allows to increase aperture efficiency of the antenna by 0.2−0.4 dB compared to high-efficiency horn antennas with circular aperture, which are commonly used in arrays with hexagonal grid. The results of computer simulation are also presented. The proposed horn antenna can be used in direct radiating arrays or in feed arrays of multibeam and array-fed reflector antennas.


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