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Quasioptimal reception of satellite navigation signals with different powers in local radio navigation systems


A.I. Perov – Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Head of Department of Radio Systems, «National Research University «MPEI» (Moscow) A.Yu. Ustinov – Post-graduate Student, Department of Radio Systems, «National Research University «MPEI» (Moscow)

Satellite radio navigation system (SRNS) are used in various areas of national economy, and the area of applications is constantly expanding. One of directions of development of SRNS is to use a local navigation systems (LNS) based on pseudo satellites (PS), which are similar on navigation satellites (NS) located on ground. Using LFD, you can also conduct navigation measurement, including situation when radio signals from NS are not available or insufficient. The feature of receiver operation when receiving LNS radio signals is large signal power latitude that lead to degradation of receiving characteristics of weak signals. In the article there are synthesized a quasi-optimal filtration algorithm that makes it possible to compensate an influence of greater power signals on lower power signals receiving characteristics when receiving navigation signals collection with different powers. Simulation results of synthesized quasi-optimal filtration algorithm are given that illustrate its efficiency. Using new processing algorithm it is possible to track navigation signals when there powers vary on 51 dB that is 19 dB better then using common processing algorithms.


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May 29, 2020

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