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System recommendations for assessment of action on the example of designer CAD


A.N. Afanasyev – Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Ulyanovsk State Technical University E-mail: V.A. Gulshin – Associate Professor, Department «Radio Engineering», Ulyanovsk State Technical University E-mail: D.S. Kanev – Post-graduate Student, Ulyanovsk State Technical University E-mail: N.N. Voit – Ph. D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Department «Computer Engineering», Ulyanovsk State Technical University E-mail:

The main objective of the system recommendations for the assessment of the actions of the designer - to generate proposals for im-proving the efficiency of its operations. Improving the efficiency of the designer is achieved at the expense of the search is not per-formed optimally design operations and replacing them with a recommendation on operations with fewer steps. Distinguish the following ways of reducing the number of steps in the construction project solutions: an exception of actions that do not affect the design solution; perform similar operations on groups of objects; the application of special operations to perform common tasks (bevel, rounding, etc.); optimal alignment of the sequence of operations in order to reduce the number of steps required for transition between operations. Based on the analysis of a number of reference systems it concluded that not one of the presented system is not suitable for generating recommendations based on the protocol design operations. A new method for the formation of the recommendations should be based on knowledge, as it allows you to expand the list of recommendations and to form concrete solutions. The developed method of forming recommendations for the designer based on the protocol design operations different analysis operations, solid three-dimensional modeling of parts, performed in CAD KOMPAS, proposed to replace the non-optimal set of operations on a set of operations with fewer steps, which allows the designer to increase efficiency and to evaluate its activities. Conducted an experiment on several assemblies, made in KOMPAS CAD. assembly sources are works made by students of the Ulya-novsk State Technical University, the specialists of JSC «Ulyanovsk Mechanical Plant». The developed system can reduce the number of actions performed by the designer on the average by 4.4%.


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