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Analysis of scattering characteristics of multimode waveguide Van-Atta array


Yu. V. Yukhanov – Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Head of Department of Antennas and Radiotransmission Devices, Southern Federal University (Taganrog). E-mail: T. Yu. Privalova – Ph.D. (Phys.-Math.), Associate Professor, Southern Federal University (Taganrog). E. V. Kriuk – Post-graduate Student, Laboratory Assistant, Southern Federal University (Taganrog) I. V. Ilyin – Design Engineer, CUC «Applied Electrodynamics and Antenna Measurements», Southern Federal University (Taganrog) I. V. Merglodov – Ph.D. (Eng.), Detailer, CUC «Applied Electrodynamics and Antenna Measurements», Southern Federal University (Taganrog)

Since its first appearance and till present day Van-Atta arrays are widely used in navigation, communication and radar systems due to their great signal control abilities. Constant increase of practical application of Van-Atta arrays calls for deeper analysis of its propagation and scattering characteristics taking into account the impact of spatial interaction of array elements, appearance of higher types of waves in connecting transmission lines etc. The purposes of this paper are: to find an approximate solution of the problem of diffraction of a plane E-polarized wave on Van Atta array formed by plane-parallel multimode waveguides located on a perfectly conducting plane; to get conditions for maximum possible expanding the width reflection diagram in the plane of the H vector; to show the possibility of implementing multimode behavior of three-dimensional models of structures of antenna arrays; undertake a study of a numerical and experimental analysis of the scattering characteristics of two-dimensional and three-dimensional models of antennas. The scattering characteristics of E-polarized plane wave in the two-dimensional model of Van-Atta array are investigated. The re-sults of this paper indicate that, as in the case of H-polarized wave, in-phase transmission of all types of waves, which propagates from the aperture An to A–n (fig. 1), provides the widest possible angular sector (±45º) relative to the normal to the array plane at the level of –3 dB of monostatic backscattering diagram of multimode Van Atta array in E-plane. The subject of experimental research was a model of multimode waveguide Van-Atta array based on a pair of waveguide radiators with aperture size 5010 mm (fig. 5). Dispersion-free transmission lines have been implemented which have been located inside a metal box housing the waveguides. An array has been placed in a screening shield in the shape of an elliptical cylinder. This configuration provides an opportunity to decrease ghost reflection from connectors and interconnection cables. The experimental study of backscattering diagrams of the Van Atta array has shown a good match with theoretical calculations, which confirms the reliability of the created mathematical models and theoretical studies. It has been shown that the multimode wa-veguide Van-Atta array provide widest sector of operating angles and broader operating bandwidth than the single mode waveguide Van-Atta array of the same dimension. This work has been performed as part of the State task 8.2461.2014/K of the Ministry of Education of Russia at the Center of Col-lective Use «Applied electrodynamics and antenna measurements» of Southern Federal University.


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