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Superpermission in two-channel radiometric system


V.K. Klochko – Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Professor, Ryazan State Radio Engineering University. E-mail: V.P. Kuznetsov – Ph. D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Ryazan State Radio Engineering University O.N. Makarova – Engineer of Department, Ryazan State Radio Engineering University E.P. Churakov – Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Ryazan State Radio Engineering University

In work the task of superpermission of the radiometric image (RI) is set. RI is received when scanning an antenna zone of the review on an azimuth and corner of a place with admissions of supervision. Superpermission is understood as obtaining permission on angular coordinates above, than physically achievable according to Rayleigh. The problem of superpermission is usually solved by methods of recovery of the image due to additional algorithmic processing of RI. As time of formation of RI is limited to time of accumulation of a signal in the radiometer filter of low frequencies (FLF), for increase of speed when forming RI increase a step of scanning in a place corner. Thus the matrix of RI becomes thinned out in the lines: the number of observed lines several times are less than number of columns. It leads to deterioration of resolution at recovery of the image. For increase of resolution without increase in time of formation of RI it is offered to use two-channel radiometric system with parallel and simultaneous operation of two measuring channels. Each channel contains the antenna and a path of preprocessing of the accepted signals. Antennas scan a review zone in the orthogonal directions. Two matrixes of RI are as a result formed, first of which is thinned out in the lines, and the second – on columns which are processed further for the purpose of recovery of the required image. Optimum and quasioptimum methods of recovery of images are offered. The first method makes optimum joint processing of two matrixes by criterion of a minimum of a square of Euclidean norm and restores the two-dimensional image. The second method carries out optimum separate processing of lines and columns of two matrixes with the subsequent restoration of the passed lines and columns and combination of images in one matrix. The comparative analysis of methods by computer modeling is given. Advantage of two-channel processing in comparison with single-channel is shown.


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