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Distributed control systems design algorithm based on neurochips with CSMA protocol


S.A. Dadenkov – Research Assistant, Department of Automation and Telemechanics, Perm National Research Polytechnic University. E-mail:

The article proposes the solution of ensuring management quality of automated control systems realized in infrastructure of the distributed industrial (fieldbus) systems. The problem is caused by negative influence of distributed system sporadic information delay on management quality factors. Existing solutions are associated with a redesign of the system at the commissioning phase that implicates a number of disadvantages. The article proposes the solution in the form of distributed control system design algorithm (with CSMA technology of access) with the required cost, probabilistic and time characteristics providing specified management quality. On the results of the analytical references review there were noticed the communication channels capacity use effectiveness shortcomings appropriate of the existing design approaches. The distributed system infrastructure design cyclic sequence is offered. A number of approaches are offered to eliminate the existing shortcomings of labor inputs and system characteristics quantitative assessment accuracy. Effective mechanisms of system infrastructure construction are offered in the article that positively differentiates the algorithm from existing and allows to reduce the design decisions cost.


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