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Secondary emission materials and products on their basis for powerful EEW microwave


N.P. Yesaulov – Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Moscow Technological University (MIREA). E-mail:

The results of analytical studies on the creation and development of technologies metallosplavnyh and metal-emitting materials for high-power microwave EEC, which are made by Russian scientists, including the author, from the middle of the last century to the present. On this basis, the requirements to cathode materials for modern microwave systems. They must have: resistant to the effects of emissivity of various destabilizing factors, including the impact of a powerful electron bombardment, obespechivayuschey required durability of its work; high electrical and thermal conductivity; sufficient heat resistance, dimensional stability which provides the material in terms of its operation; favorable processing properties, can be manufactured of various sizes and mix it with the cathode of the core material; low gas content and gas separation, low vapor pressure in the entire operating temperature range. You need to solve not only scientific and technical problems of its synthesizing and deformation, but also to develop bases of technology to obtain and implement a new cathode material. Furthermore, it was necessary to investigate the mechanical process, vacuum and some physicochemical properties of the developed materials. While noting the very positive work in recent years known teams on the development of cathodes for powerful EEW microwave and ensure their efficiency for the required period of service, we can conclude that the success in creating long-lasting, highly reliable ca-thodes determined the technology of their production and the composition of the surface and near-surface layers of the synthesized material.


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