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Estimation of optimal space-time sampling in problems of tracking of rotating targets, using MDR provision


K.M. Zeide – Employee of Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N.Yeltsin. E-mail:

MDR (morphology dependent resonance) provision, as physical explanation of optimal space – time sampling in the rotation targets tracking problems, aims meshing of analyzing system by elementary spherical scatterers with minimum electrical size, that provides the analytical solution in Mie theory. Gives primary estimation of first resonance boundary appearance for elementary sphere, obtained the minimal electrical radius of that sphere. Transmission from electrical sizes to space sampling length produce in the case of no introducing impacts of elementary scatterer moving to the secondary field. The minimum increment in the timeline for reports output from this analysis. Obtained values demonstrated quality time – error ratio in calculation experiment setup. The proposed algorithm provides the rationale in the virtual simulator of scattering by metal plate with complex rotation dynamic behavior. Realized algorithm can be used in the optimization problems solving for MoM and FEM simulators.


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