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Influence of quality thin dielectric films on the reliability of integrated circuits


O.N. Glotova – Student, Kaluga branch of the Bauman MSTU. E-mail: S.A. Adarchin – Ph. D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Kaluga branch of the Bauman MSTU. E-mail:

The reliability of integrated circuits is an important problem in the study of physical foundations of engineering. It shown that properties of interlayer dielectric are crucial for operational amplifiers, as they could affected on the value of the leakage currents. The paper describes the features of silicon wafers ion doping thru the silicon nitride passivation mask for base areas of bipolar n-p-n - transistors. The impact of defects was assess by an experiment using different coating thickness of dielectric layers. Experimental data on the thickness and defects in the dielectric film received after analyzing of the current-voltage characteristics and etching operations series. The best electrical characteristics were obtained on samples coated with only silicon oxide. Two-layer coating (SiO2 – Si3N4) gave the worst result. In the case of coating application only from silicon nitride was set specific addiction. With increasing thickness of the di-electric was observed the increase of defects. It confirmed the fact of increase of leakage current in the presence of heterogeneity in the composition and structure of dielectric in operational amplifiers.


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