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Directional diagram and discriminatory characteristics of the finders localized objects with the spectral method of broadband signals processing


V.К. Khokhlov – Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Bauman Moscow State Technical University. E-mail: А.К. Likhoedenko – Laboratory Assistant, Bauman Moscow State Technical University; Student, Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics of National Research University Higher School of Economics. E-mail:

This paper deals with the issues of formation directional diagram (DD) and discriminative features (DF) of two-channel direction finders localized sources of broadband radiation on the background distributed in space interference based on spectral method of signal processing. The finders with dual space diversity antennas are addressed. Based on the method of canonical expansions, the representation of input signals in the channels of the direction finder in the complex form, the expressions for in-phase and quadrature discrete mutual spectrum signals, the mutual argument of the spectrum and the coherence function are obtained. Obtained characteristics are analyzed for Gaussian spectra of signals and interference at different signal-to-noise ratios. Under the assumption of stationarity of signals at the inputs of the finder on a limited observation interval the assessment of the argument of mutual spectral density is justified on the basis of discrete Fourier transform for frequency multiples. With a wide band of input signals, the ratio of the direction finder database to wavelengths corresponding to selected frequencies are obtained, which are necessary for the synthesis of a phased array antenna (PAA). The expressions for DD synthesized phased array antenna are justified, allowing the scanning direction of the main peak days. A modified discriminator is considered, its DD is obtained on the basis of in-phase and quadrature baseband signals in the channels of the direction finder. In this paper the mathematical dependence of potential DD and DF of two-channel direction finders with synthesized PAA based on the spectral method of processing the signals from the ratio of distances between phase centers of receiving antennas to the average wavelength corresponding to the average frequency in the energy spectrum of the received signals, the relative bandwidth of the energy spectra of the signals at the input of the direction finder and the signal-to-noise ratio. For various signal parameters DD and DF are calculated and plotted. It is shown that applying the proposed algorithm of signal processing in the synthesized PAA allows to suppress side lobes in the DD. Reviewed PAA can be applied for localization and tracking of localized objects broadband radiation on the background distributed in space interference.


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