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Methods for modeling MIMO channel matrices and data error rate investigation


M.O. Odintsov – Master, Moscow Technical University of Communication and Informatic. E-mail: Yu.S. Shinakov – Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Head of Department «Radio Systems», Moscow Technical University of Communication and Informatic. E-mail:

This paper outlines principles of spatially correlated MIMO channel matrix generation. Widely used MIMO system model for fading channels is described. The correlation between channel matrix elements is an important characteristic that sufficiently reduces efficiency of MIMO system. This paper outlines two widely used methods for MIMO channel modeling – the Kronecker model and the geometry-based 3GPP model. Numerical examples of correlation coefficients are presented. The obtained matrices have been used for computer simulation to obtain bit error rate performance in correlated and spatially white MIMO channel for system with spatial multiplexing and maximum likelihood detection.


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