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The construction of the automated system for processing video information on the basis of the mathematical apparatus of non-positional number system


S.A. Lepeshkin – Ph. D. (Eng.), Deputy Commander of Department № 95, Mozhaysky Military Space Academy (Saint Petersburg). E-mail: V.Ya. Prorok – Professor, Department № 95, Mozhaysky Military Space Academy (Saint Petersburg). E-mail: E.M. Khalikov – Head of Department № 27, Mozhaysky Military Space Academy (Saint Petersburg). E-mail:

The approach to the development of an automated system high speed conversion of video data based on discrete cosine transform implemented in the system of residual classes. Developed and described the algorithm of discrete cosine transform using a non-positional number system, which consists of three algorithms: the algorithm for translating source numeric data in non-positional number system (the number system); the task of the algorithm that performs the specific conversion function with consideration of the peculiarities and the constraints of working notation; the translation algorithm results in a positional number system from working (the modified system of residual classes) with all the features of the translation. A comparative analysis of the asymptotic time complexity of the compression algorithms of the model image based on the width of a picture element and time-variable complexity of algorithms of discrete cosine transform of unit image-ing. The results showed that for small rosredmet item image classic algorithms have some advantages compared to the developed algorithm, operating with data in the system of residual classes. However, since the bit 4−5 bits per pixel non-positional number system allows you to fully use all our advantages and to obtain the gain in the conditional execution time of the algorithm. The proposed approach allows to generate high conversion (coding, compression) graphic images.


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May 29, 2020

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