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Big Data issues in maritime monitoring systems


V.V. Popovich – Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Professor, General Designer, CJSC «SPIIRAS-Scientific and Technical Bureau of High Technology» (Saint Petersburg). E-mail: L.A. Vedeshin – Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Adviser General Designer, CJSC «SPIIRAS-Scientific and Technical Bureau of High Technology» (Saint Petersburg). E-mail:

In this paper we regard problems of big data processing in maritime monitoring systems. These problems have risen practically right along with creation of computing hardware. But they were of different scale. What was considered big data ten years ago is not an issue today. Nevertheless, regardless of rather prolonged history, new features of these problems have risen, that were absent before, and that can open a number of perspective fields in fundamental research and technology. This paper does not look into well known basic theoretical problems and issues. Most attention is given to one subject area: maritime monitoring systems. The goal of this paper is to regard these issues and ways of solving them based on theoretical researches and practical localizations made by SPIIRAS-HTR&DO Ltd.


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