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Method of FPGA-based implementation of sponsored access to exchange platforms


V.M. Florov – Head of Department, «EXACTPRO» LCC (Kostroma). E-mail: P.I. Garin – Programmer, «EXACTPRO» LCC (Kostroma). E-mail: P.V. Smirnov – Programmer, «EXACTPRO» LCC (Kostroma). E-mail: M.A. Metelkov – Programmer, «EXACTPRO» LCC (Kostroma). E-mail:

The article describes the implementation of the sponsored access to Exchange through an FPGA-board with several network connections. A method is proposed to decrease the latency of packets passing achieved by early transmission of those packets, which have not yet gone through full processing (reception). The article describes the tools used for testing the developed system, the procedure of verifying the correctness of its functioning and the mechanism of latency measurements.


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