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Improving quality reception of radio signal with adaptive linearization characteristics of the nonlinear power amplifier


A.Yu. Sizyakova - Ph.D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Radio Systems Department, MPEI (Moscow). E-mail: Luu Hai Nam - Post-graduate Student, Radio Systems Department, MPEI (Moscow). E-mail:

Modern requirements for satellite communication systems for interference immunity and information transmission rate makes it ne-cessary apply signals with complex modulation types and high spectral efficiency. As a rule, used digital signals described changeable amplitude, such as when rounding the envelope low frequency modulating of oscillation by Nyquist. For wideband transmission channels are increased requirements to ensuring the path linearity with a high peak factor signal at the amplifier input, in particular for wideband transmitters and wideband power amplifiers. For realization linearization the characteristics of nonlinear power amplifier the most simple and effective technique is predistortion input. The problems linearization characteristics of nonlinear inertial power amplifier microwave frequency of radio signal by using digital predistortion linearizer (DPD). An algorithm for calculating the parameters of the model adaptive DPD based on Volterra series to the schemes with indirect learning architecture based on the least mean square method (LMS), normalized LMS (NLMS), recursive least square (RLS), RLS with exponential forgetting (RLS-Lamda) and Kalman (Kalman). Calculation coefficients of DPD are performed in real time. The characteristics of the signals at the output of the nonlinear amplifier with a linearizer and bit error rate (BER) at the receiver radio when linearization characteristics of power amplifier. Method of research is analytical calculation and simulation.


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