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On the strategic directions in synthesis of new topological radar detectors of low-contrast objects against the background of high-intensity noise from the ground, sea and precipitations


A.A. Potapov - Dr.Sc. (Phys.-Math.), Professor, Member of Russian A.M. Prokhorov Academy of Engineering Sciences and Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, President of cooperative Chinese-Russian laboratory of informational technologies and signals fractal processing (China, Guanzhou); Chief Research Scientist, V.A. Kotelnikov Intstitute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of RAS, Russia, Moscow. E-mail:

The main ideas and strategic directions in synthesis of fundamentally new topological radar detectors of low-contrast objects have been considered. The objects detection is conducted against the background of reflections from the ground, sea and precipitations. The new topologic signs and methods of detection of low-contrast objects against the background of high-intensity noise are presented. The methods are based on the textural and fractal analysis and also on the theory of deterministic chaos. The main purpose of this work is to interpret the main directions of radio physics, radio engineering and radio location in “fractal” language that makes new ways and generalizations on future promising radio systems. The new kind and approach of up-to-date radiolocation: fractal-scaling or scale-invariant radiolocation has been proposed. It leads to basic changes in the theoretical radiolocation structure itself and also in its mathematical apparatus. The fractal radio systems conception, sampling topology, global fractal-scaling approach and the fractal paradigm underlies the scientific direction established by the author in Russia and over the world for the first time. The author has been investigating these issues for exactly 35 years. In the author\'s works the determinant conception of processing of low-contrast images was from the beginning involved unlike foreign works. The model of the images which are being analyzed has been developed with taking into account additive and multiplicative background interferences during the processing of complex (objects and targets are presented) two-dimensional textural scenes. For the first time in the world a calculation of the complete ensemble of 28 textural signs and its synchronous analysis for real (optical and radar in the millimeter range (MMW) at wavelength 8.6 mm) and also synthesized textures on the basis of autoregressive models was performed by the author in IREE RAS as long ago as early eighties of XX century. In our opinion the obtained researches of the new experimental data in aggregate with the previous data give us enough information for proving of the fundamentals of theory and methods which were put forward by the author as long ago as the end of XX century. Application of fractals, scaling effects and fractional operators may mean the future of radio electronics because all the previous and current radio electronics is based solely (and only!) on the theory of integer-valued functions and does not take into account the fractional measure in information theory. Introduction of the fractal conception into radio physics, radio location, radio engineering and functional radio electronics is not only proved but is required. The author prepared this article during working on the project «Leading Talents of Guangdong Province», № 00201502 (2016-2020) in the JiNan University (China, Guangzhou) in March 2016.
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