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Analysis of game psychological aspects using the modified Rasch function


P.N. Dumin – Post-graduate Student, Programmer, Computer Science Faculty, Moscow State University of Psychology and Education (Moscow). E-mail: L.S. Kuravsky – Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Dean of Computer Science Faculty, Moscow State University of Psychology and Education (Moscow). E-mail:

This paper proposes a new approach to probabilistic simulation game tests are increasingly used to diagnose various test ab-ilities. The presented approach allows to consider the temporal dynamics of the cognitive abilities of players and the difficulty of game situations. To construct a quantitative assessments introduced modified Rasch function, arguments which are expressed in a probability scale. The methods of identification provided by the calculated dependencies using observational data. The advantages of this approach are to enhance the spectrum of the observed performance during the game. Classical approaches to the assessment of such procedures often are the formal results of the game, without taking into account changes in a number of important characteristics.


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